Bimba pneumatic air cylinders

Bimba has an industry leading actuator product line. 

Its range is extensive and features air cylinders to VDMA, ISO and NFPA standards, space saving cylinders, rotary actuators, linear thrusters, rodless cylinders with a vast array of switch sensing and position feedback options. They also offer rotary actuators, magnetically coupled rodless cylinders and accessories.

In addition to a broad line of standard catalogue products, nearly half of Bimba's business consists of custom and semi-custom products designed for specific customers with unique or challenging applications.

The Bimba Range:

  • Original Line Stainless Steel Body Cylinders
  • Space-Saving Flat Cylinders
  • Roundline NFPA-Interchangeable Double-Wall Cylinders
  • Pneu-Turn Rotary Actuators
  • Ultran Rodless Cylinders
  • Position Feedback Cylinders
  • ISO Cylinders
  • TRD Manufacturing

Download Bimba Product Information & Brochures:

Finnco Pneumatics distributes Bimba cylinders