MAXAIR pipe systems

MAXAIR pipe systems consist of PE100 pipe, the highest grade of polyethylene available, and is widely recognised by consultants and installers throughout the industry.

The advantages of the Maxair PE100 Compressed Air Pipe System are:

  • A 50-year guarantee
  • Ductile
  • Impact resistant 
  • Corrosion free
  • Leak free 
  • Higher pressure rating - 16bar with a  2:1 safety factor
  • OSH and MAF approved meaning it's safe for any industry including food-related sites.
  • There's no need for painting or other markings as the pipework is blue sleeved - conforming to international compressed air colour coding.
  • Food Grade material - suitable for breathing air.
  • Smooth bore - Higher flow rates, due to less friction.
  • Cleaner and dryer air supply - less condensation build-up than steel systems.
  • Resistant to compressor oils and a wide range of chemicals.
  • Extremely high resistance to seismic stresses.
  • Simple and fast to install
  • Easy to alter or adapt - under-pressure connection fittings available.
  • Wide range of pipe sizes - 20mm to 250mm

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