Diesel portable compressors

Why you should invest in ELGi's diesel portable air compressors:

Key features:

  • High reliability with more uptime
  • Economy in drilling operations
  • Two-stage air filtration system for high-quality air
  • Powered by ELGi's own eta-V profile airends for increased drilling efficiency and improved penetration rates
  • Premium efficiency diesel engines with international warranty
  • Wide access doors for ease of maintenance and faster serviceability
  • Air coolers designed to run in most extreme ambient conditions
  • Air delivery matched to demand through complete system control
  • Safety compliant package

What industries is a portable compressor suitable for?

They have broad usage in diverse applications that include DTH drilling, oil & gas exploration, tunneling, pigging, sandblasting, quarrying, piling, laying of fiber cables, road and bridge construction.

  • Blast hole drilling
  • Uranium hole blowing
  • Coal mining
  • Marble mining
  • Exploratory drilling
  • Stone mining
  • Mining in the Dead Sea
  • High-pressure compressor for crawler drilling

Download the diesel and electric compressor brochure here