Ross Controls

Why does Finnco Pneumatics supply Ross Controls' valves?

ROSS, an American company, is universally recognized as the global leader in fluid power safety solutions and poppet valve technology.

They have been designing and manufacturing pneumatic valves and control systems since 1921.

Their core values and culture matches Finnco Pneumatics' values and culture.


We stock Base Mounted, Inline Mounted, Manual & Mechanical, and Flow Control Valves

Air Preparation

We stock Filters, Regulators, Lubricators (FRLs)

Pneumatic Safety Valves

We stock Energy Isolation - Lockout Valves, Safe Exhaust Valves for Non-Clutch/Brake Applications, Safe Return Valves, and Safe Load Holding Valves.

Hydraulic Safety Valves

We stock Block & Bleed and Block & Stop Valve Systems


We stock Single-Zone System (SIS+), Multi-Zone Systems (EIS).

Press Control

We stock Safety Valves for Clutch/Brake Control.


We stock Silencers, Electrical Connectors, Pop-Up Indicators, and Pressure Switches.