ELGi Air Compressors New Zealand

Why should industrial customers buy from Finnco Compressors?

Finnco Compressors have a wide range of ELGi compressors including piston/reciprocating compressors in single and two-stage belt and direct drive in oil-lubricated and oil-free. We also have rotary screw compressors in oil-lubricated and oil-free, and we have portable compressors too.

Our compressors can also handle more demanding jobs.

Some compressors on the market are only suitable for the home handy man, while ours are for commercial industries.

We can also service, maintain and repair compressors.

ELGi's compressors have serviceable parts which makes them cost-effective to get repaired.

What is so impressive about ELGI?

ELGi have been manufacturing high-quality compressors with a lower cost of ownership since 1960.

ELGi's high quality comes from:

  • Using high-efficiency Siemens IE3 and IE4 rated electric motors and Siemens control gear

  • Each ELGi compressor is fitted with full-featured electronic controllers as standard

The low cost of ownership comes from:

  • ELGi compressors are designed for ease of service which lowers the service costs

  • ELGi compressors come with the industry-leading warranty: ELGi offers a Lifetime warranty of 6-10 years for their screw compressors. This is double the length of some competitor's warranties.

  • Producing energy-efficient compressors, such as Encapsulated screw air compressors​​​. (70% of the cost of running a compressor is its electricity use.)