Mann and Hummel compressor filters/separators

Finnco Compressors can provide Mann and Hummel air compressor filters and separators from Germany.

This includes oil filters and separators.

Those air/oil separators, air cleaners and oil filters protect compressors and vacuum pumps. The German company offer Electrical Discharge Machining filters for companies operating in the machine tools and mold making industries which have high pressure stability and provide efficient separation performance. This enables EDM machines to work efficiently.

Mann and Hummel air compressor filter and separators

How does an oil filter work in compressors and vacuum pumps? 

It is pretty obvious that they filter the oil to remove any contaminants.

They protect your compressor from damage.

Mann and Hummel's air compressor oil filters looks like a can with openings on one side and have a paper filter element inside.

They are also equipped with a bypass valve to prevent the accumulation of excess pressure.

If the pressure difference becomes too large, the bypass-valve will open and will allow the oil to flow, without going through the oil-filter.

This is another way the filter protects the compressor; if the filter did not have this valve, then if the oil flow stopped for some reason the compressor element would become very hot very quickly and be damaged. 

Why should you avoid cheap filters? 

Some cheap air compressor oil filters clog up very quickly, don’t have this bypass valve or the bypass valve works at the wrong pressure.

How does an air/oil separator work in compressors and vacuum pumps?

Within the compression process oil is used to cool the air. The residual oil contained in the compressed air is almost completely separated by an air/oil separator within the pressure vessel or a spin-on separator outside of the pressure vessel through application of the coalescence effect. The cleaned air is then available for the compressed air network. The separated oil is conveyed through overpressure back to the oil circuit. 

The advantages of Mann and Hummel's oil filters:

  • Significantly reduces oil consumption 
  • Lowers the operating costs of compressors and vacuum pumps. 
  • Process reliability through high-quality media 
  • Easy, space-saving fitting and removal 
  • Thoroughly tried and tested and reliable

The advantages of Mann and Hummel's air/oil separator:

  • Minimization of compressor oil loss 
  • High separation rate over the service life 
  • Low residual oil content
  • Low pressure drop 
  • Compact design 
  • Metallic parts are connected to one another to prevent electrostatic charging

Download the Filters and separators for compressors brochure here.