Firestone Air Springs, AirPickers and AirGrippers

Move objects easier  with Firestone AirGrippers and AirPickers    

Travel easier with Air Springs

What do Firestone AirPickers and AirGrippers do?

These products offer a wide range of advantages over traditional pick and place devices. These advantages include:

  • By simply controlling the amount of pressure within the bladder, Firestone end-effectors can handle delicate objects with the soft touch of rubber and air. 
  • Each of the AirPicker and AirGripper products can work with a wide range of diameters and work piece weights-offering a low cost, durable solution for your pick and place application. 
  • Firestone offers a wide range of configurations and sizes of end-effectors to meet your needs and can develop a product specific to your application.
  • The Airpicker and AirGripper ranges comprise of precision-engineered handling devices, made of rubber, which inflate gently and evenly to manipulate delicate products or containers, giving the degree of touch or sensitivity required.

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What do Firestone Air Springs do?

Towing can cause your vehicle to sag and the air springs solves this. The Air Spring also buffer cyclic motion, provide vibration isolation, or serve as a pneumatic actuator, through the use of a contained column of air inside an elastomeric bellows or sleeve.

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