EG Series

EG Series Rotary Screw Air Compressors 

11-75kW, 90-160kW and 200-250kW

Why should I buy an EG Series Lubricated Screw air compressor?

1. Energy savings through:

  • Highly efficient IE3 motors
  • Class F motors
  • Multi compressor management
  • Heat Recovery
  • Variable Frequency Drive-this will vary the motor speed according to the air demand, typically providing savings  between 20% - 30% depending on the demand variation available in the system 

2. Industry-leading warranty of 6-10 years 

3. Integration to monitoring:

  • Connects to the Neuron III Controller free of charge (other compressor companies charge for the controller connection.)
    • The controller is also password accessible (not RFID).
    • The controller can send fault alerts to a control room as well as showing a fault signal on the compressor panel and a LED light shining on its diagram to show where the fault is located.

4. Low cost of service:

  • Ease of maintenance: the machine’s parts are easily accessible when servicing it.
  • The compressor has extended service periods.

5. Lower running temperature which results in:

  • Longer oil life
  • Longer bearing life
  • Less oil carryover
  • Easier air treatment

6. Machine data available

7. Motor control option

8. 1:1 drive:

  • Low for pole 450RPM
  • Longer bearing life
  • Lower running temperature

9. Motor control options:

  • On/off load
  • Modulating
  • VFD-Variable Frequency Drive-will vary the motor speed according to the air demand, typically offer a savings of between 20% - 30% depending on the demand variation available in the system 

10. 15% lower cost of ownership than the leading competitor due to:

  • Lower service cost
  • Energy savings
  • Longer life of the compressor

Key benefits of 11 – 75 Kw EG Series:

  • Best-in-class energy efficiency 
  • Best-in-class maintenance and operating cost 
  • Lowest oil carryover in the industry 
  • Best-in-class warranty program 
  • Outstanding reliability stemming from slow operating speeds and low operating temperatures 
  • Operating data and safety measures
  • Optional variable speed drives for energy efficiency

What industries does the 11 – 75 Kw EG Series rotary screw compressor suit?

  • Auto Garages
  • Textiles
  • Engineering
  • Electronics
  • Packaging

What air compressor can provide 24/7 air?

The 90 – 160 Kw and 200 – 250 Kw EG Series can provide 24/7 compressed air.

What industries does the 90-160kw and 200-250kw  EG Series Lubricated Screw Compressors suit?

It is perfect for industries that need 24/7 compressed air like:

  • Sandblasting
  • Blow moulding
  • Nitrogen generation
  • Cement transfer
  • Aeration
  • Timber
  • Drilling

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