Air compressor servicing; maintenance and breakdown repairs

All customers who buy an ELGi air compressor from Finnco Compressors or Westec Automation are signed up as standard for MaintenancePro.

What is MaintenancePro?

It is proactive air compressor servicing and it is available as a one year or three-year contract with the yearly servicing costs paid up-front, not including responding to air compressor breakdowns.

Our system tracks your air compressor’s hours and automatically reminds us when your servicing is due. We then contact you and organize a time that is suitable for you.

"We are proactive because if we left it to the customer to ring us when it is due then they might forget and just think they will leave it for another 1000 hours and that is when issues occur and they can snowball," Finnco Compressors owner Jason Light said.

We will respond 24/7 to air compressor breakdowns

Contact us on 07 3474446.

Various tests, including bearing monitoring tests/ SPM, infrared thermal testing and oil analysis, are run at appropriate hours

"We would run a Shock Pulse Monitoring Test on the bearings at around 6000 hours and if they are getting noisier we would tell the customer we need to rebuild them within the next two years," Jason said.

Infrared thermal testing scans for hotspots on the relays prevents electrical failures.

Emergency air backup can be provided if maintenance is done during your production time

Finnco Compressors and Westec Automation can provide portable air compressors if you want to continue working while they service your air compressor, although they can coordinate your servicing so it is outside of your production hours.

Between Finnco Compressors and Westec Automation we have six service technicians who can respond to air compressor breakdowns 24/7.

Finnco Compressors and Westec Automation also provide air leak monitoring and data logging

Our service techncians use an ultrasonic leak detector to find the leaks, tag them and make a report and then can fix them.

They can also conduct data logging of your air consumption.