Air compressor servicing

Air compressor overheating? We can help

Finnco Compressors can upgrade your air compressor accessories so winter does not damage your air compressor.

If you have any issues with your compressor Finnco Compressors can service it.

We will respond 24/7 to breakdowns. Contact us on 07 3474446.

We advise to get us to do regular maintenance of your compressor.   

5 reasons why you shouldn't skip a service: 

  • Your compressor will not run as efficiently. If the compressor has blocked filters, for example, then the filter can't stop water and contaminants getting into pipework where it could contaminate your product or downstream equipment, the compressor will also waste energy fighting the pressure drops.
  • Skipping a service could cause damage to the compressor as belts wear out, filters become ineffective and this could cause an expensive breakdown and the loss of production.  
  • Regular maintenance extends the lifespan of machinery. Checking and replacing the oil and filters can prolong the lifetime of your compressor.
  • The warranty becomes void if your compressor is not serviced according to the manufacturer's recommendations. 
  • Dirty sites are dangerous. They are fire hazards as debris, like dirty leaves, can clog up your compressor and cause fires.  As part of our service, we ensure the compressor area is clean and free of debris.

Does cold weather affect air compressors?

Yes it does; colder temperatures causes more costly, corrosive condensate which creates challenges for your compressed air site. 

Finnco Compressors can provide expert advice and services to ensure winter does not affect your air compressor's productivity.

Get you drain valves upgraded

Upgrade your drain valves on the following: 

  • Air compressor aftercoolers 
  • Air receivers 
  • Coarse coalescing prefilters before refrigerated and desiccant dryers 
  • Fine coalescing prefilters after refrigerated and desiccant dryers 
  • Refrigerated dryer cold-points or outlets 
  • Desiccant dryer outlet 

Invest in an air dryer 

Consider investing in a refrigerant or desiccant air dryer as their job is to remove moisture from the compressed air. Moisture from condensate can be damaging to your air compressor if it is left to accumulate inside the unit; it could corrode the inside of the air compressor or cause the system to overheat

Check for ice build-up and leaks

Frozen condensate, which is more likely to happen to our customers around the Taupo area, can crack drainage systems and can also cause corrosion. Check for ice build-up, excessive moisture, and leaks caused by cracks before you power up the machine in the morning. 

Apply heat trace tape to outdoor drain lines so they don't freeze 

Frozen pipes will cause your compressor to slow down or even cause unplanned stoppages.  Heat trace tape is easy to assemble by simply wrapping the tape around the pipes working to control the temperature, eliminating frozen pipes.

Think about a filter change

Winter’s lower temperatures can also cause the oil to thicken which makes your compressor work harder. We recommend changing your filter so your compressor can chug away happily through this challenging season.

What is the easiest ways to mitigate all of those issues?

Chat to Finnco Compressors to see if you need to schedule a service. 

The different seasons cause different issues to your compressor.

How to keep your compressor working effectively throughout Spring

Spring Clean, Check, and Maintain

Three words to keep your compressor working efficiently despite Spring and Summer’s challenges: Clean, Check and Maintain.


  • The coolers

  • The pre-filters- if they are dirty we will replace them. 


  • The dryer: We will clean the condenser and check the refrigerant level of your refrigerant dryer.
  • The oil/water separators will also be dealing with increased condensation through the warmer months so we will check their condition and replace ageing filters. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


  • The compressors oil levels

  • The compressor room’s ventilation. 

  • The air filter: make sure it isn’t clogged as spring brings pesky pollen. 

  • The drain. Summer’s heat is going to cause condensate so we will make sure yours is working properly.

Chat to Finnco Compressors to see if you need to schedule a service.