Oil-lubricated piston air compressors

Why should I purchase ELGi's single-stage three phase and two-stage direct drive piston air compressors?

They are cost-effective, as they have lower service needs, over their 10 year+ life expectancy, and they are highly reliable.

  • Robust cast iron compressor with high durability
  • Robust internal parts and minimum service points; high reliability
  • Offers low life cycle cost with no compromise on performance and air quality
  • Slow running speed for lesser wear and tear
  • Twin-sided belt guards ensure safety and meeting OSHA standards
  • Highly energy efficient with high-efficiency IE2 Motors
  • Leak proof fittings
  • Deep finned cylinders for efficient heat transfer
  • Steel cooling fan with aerodynamic profile for best-in-class flow

What industries is this air compressor suitable for?

Piston air compressors are perfect for the automotive industry.

This includes:

  • Spraypainting and panelbeating shops
  • Plasma cutting
  • Pneumatic robots and tools

Finnco Compressors can supply filters for air compressors and breathing air equipment 

You don't have to worry about oil from an oil-lubricated air compressor getting into your pneumatic tools or breathing air equipment as we can provide air compressor filters and breathing air equipment filters from ELGi and Donaldson and Mann and Hummel.

Air compressors and filters can be purchased on a Capricorn account

Finnco Compressors and Compressed Air Controls are the two members of ELGi NZ group. The automotive industry benefits from this relationship because Finnco Compressors can charge Capricorn members' product and service purchases to their Capricorn accounts as Compressed Air Controls is the only Capricorn Preferred Supplier in the compressed air industry for the whole of New Zealand.

Contact Finnco Compressors to discuss this piston air compressor and all your automotive needs.

ELGi oil-lubricated piston air compressors are cost-effective and highly reliable.