MAC Valves

Why does Finnco Pneumatics supply customers with MAC Valves?

We distribute MAC Valves because of the MAC Valves' advantage; they are designed and built to meet the market requirements of reliability, speed, consistency, repeatability and ease of maintenance.

MAC Valves Pacific, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mac Valves Incorporated conveniently located in Auckland, provides us with the valves.

Finnco Pneumatics can provide sales and specialist application advice and service on MAC Valves. Contact us for more information.

Solenoid valves

3-way solenoid valves

MAC’s 3-Way Valves have 3 ports - inlet, outlet (cylinder) and exhaust. They are generally used to operate spring return cylinders or as pilots for larger diaphragm or piston operated valves. 

Small 3-Way Valves

All MAC small 3-Way valves are direct operated poppet valves. The range is for air flows up to 1.2 Cv. 

The four series of solenoid valves that fall in this section (34, 35, 100, 200) all operate on the same design principal: a push type solenoid acting on a balanced poppet. The fifth series (1100) is a range of mechanically operated valves using the 100 series body assemblies.


  • 33 Series 
  • 34 Series 
  • 35 Series
  • 36 Series 
  • 37 Series 
  • 100 Series
  • 200 Series 
  • 1100 Series

Large 3-Way Valves

All MAC large solenoid 3 way valves are solenoid pilot operated and are for air flows from 1.5 Cv and higher. The pilot of these valves is a balanced poppet, the main valve a balanced spool. Additionally, the pilot for the 52 series is a 4 way pilot design that maximizes the shifting forces in both directions.

This includes:

  • 52 Series 
  • 53 Series 
  • 54 Series 
  • 55 Series
  • 56 Series 
  • 57 Series 
  • 58 Series 
  • 59 Series
  • 67 Series 
  • 68 Series 
  • 69 Series

4 and 5-way valves

Small 4-Way and Large 4 & 5-Way: 

A balanced poppet pilot valve for high flow, precise repeatability and consistent operation. 

Small 4-Way valves

  • 24 Series 
  • 44 Series 
  • 45 Series
  • 46 Series 
  • 47 Series 
  • 48 Series
  • 400 Series
  • 700 Series 
  • 800 Series
  • 900 Series

Large 4 and 5-Way valves

  • 82 Series 
  • 83 Series 
  • 92 Series
  • 93 Series 
  • 1300 Series 
  • 1800 Series
  • 2700 Series 
  • 6200 Series 
  • 6300 Series
  • 6500 Series 
  • 6600 Series


  • 3-Way ISO Valve 1,2,3
  • 4-Way ISO Valve 1,2,3

One of the advantages of MAC Valves ISO range is that they can achieve a higher number of cycles within a given period of time compared to other brand's valves. This is a direct result of higher shifting forces, lower internal frictional character, faster response times and larger flows in a given size.

MAC's valves have the fastest available response time with patented MACSOLENOID®.

No-stick operation is ensured by wiping action of unique MAC spool/bore combination.

Balanced poppet pilot valve for high flow, precise repeatability, and consistent operation.


These  convert an electrical signal into a proportional pneumatic output. The PPC is unlike conventional I/P or V/P transducers. It offers much more in terms of performance, features, and reliability.

  • PPC-5C

Download the brochure for all the above products here.