Air compressors for agriculture; on the farm and off

Air compressors for agriculture; on the farm and off

Agriculture tasks can be automated and powered by ELGi air compressors

ELGi's range of modern air compressors make agriculture and farming less labour intensive, more productive and efficient.

ELGi rotary screw air compressors can be used for:

  • Milking machines
  • Digging borewells
  • Powering pneumatic tools
  • Irrigating fields
  • Winterization of irrigation lines – In winter, weather can impede irrigation lines. Farmers can utilise compressed air to clear irrigation lines of excess water in order to prepare for winter. Not only does it save on costly repairs, it can also be used to protect and add longevity to vital infrastructure that will last for years to come.
  • Inflation of tractor and other farm vehicle tyres
  • Greenhouse ventilation – For some growers, getting clean air and proper ventilation to industrial greenhouses can be a challenge solved with compressed air. ELGi air compressors are very energy-efficient. 
  • Silos – Compressors can be used to power systems that transport excess grain and food into silos for storage.
  • Water pumps
  • Automated crop sprayers

ELGi piston air compressors can be used for:

  • Inflation of tractor and other farm vehicle tyres
  • Powering pneumatic tools

Why are ELGi air compressors suitable for agriculture?

ELGi's range of air compressors is more efficient and easier to use with trouble-free operation offering the highest quality for farming and can weather the heavy demands of the industry.

ELGi air compressors offer low-cost of ownership as they are more efficient, productive, reliable, and long-lasting.

They are perfect for heavy demands

ELGi also have air compressors for the food and beverage industry

Once the agricultural products, like dairy products, fruit, vegetables and grapes for wine and grain for bread and beer, leave the farm, the factories that process them use oil-lubricated and oil-free air compressors for:

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Posted: Friday 25 June 2021