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Finnco Compressors and Finnco Pneumatics' Rotorua store
  • ELGi wins 2019 Deming Prize for Total Quality Management
    ELGi, a world leader in compressed air solutions wins the coveted 2019 Deming Prize for excellence in Total Quality Management.
    Posted: Friday 20 November 2020
  • Let Finnco Compressors impress you, like they did with ESRL
    Finnco Compressors advised Engineering Services Rotorua Ltd to invest in an ELGi EG75-10CDV screw compressor, and MAXAIR pipe systems with PREVOST couplers, for their sandblasting booth, four paint booths, and the machine conversion and attachment assembly factories.

    This is the second ELGi compressor ESRL have bought off Finnco Compressors in their four-year relationship with them. They already had an EG22 in their fabrication, machining, and assembly factory.

    Read more about why ESRL recommend using Finnco Compressors and ELGi compressors.
    Posted: Friday 11 September 2020